After watching the film, Romero, each student will give flesh to a person who lives in ElSalvador at the time of Romero. The character will represent one of the many groups present in the story: the poor, military, the clergy, guerrillas, or the elite. From the viewpoint of your character, creat 6 journal entries documenting your life, as this individual, at this particular time in history. Present your journal as if it would have been written in 1977 during Romero's time as Archbishop.


  1. Write six journal entries. Word process them, bring the a hard copy a digital copy to school. Store the digital copy to your server account.
  2. In your journals and on the glogster cover explain your identity:
  • Include references to historical events -- factual information
  • State the impact of Romero on the lives of the people
3. Using Glogster make a cover for your journal which describes the person and the events at that particular time in history. On the cover made through Glogster, you should include a picture of your identity, information about your identity, video and audio.
4. You will create a wikispace as a vehical to present your journal to the world. The home page of the wiki should contain your Glogster and the left panelshould contain links to each of your jurnal entries.
5. Using your wikispace you will present your journal to the class.

Students reflected on the struggles of the people of El Salvador by taking on the persona of one of the characters in the film by writing a six day journal as the person. They also honed their technology skills by creating a wikispace to post their journal entries but also by creating a cover using glogster for their journal.

This project created and implemented by Sister Eileen Mcguire, teacher of religion for Mount Saint Joseph Academy. Wikispace design and technical assistance furnished by Carol Siwinski, Curriculum Technology Coordinator.